Most districts on St. Maarten encounter water problems Tuesday evening

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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Country of St. Maarten suffered a significant water shortage on Tuesday evening.

Most of the districts checked by this website was either suffering from an outright interruption of water service or was encountering a water pressure problems.


Some members of the public who got through to the company GEBE, providers of water and electricity on St. Maarten were told that there is an island wide problem.


Among the areas affected; Cayhill, Bush Road, St. Peters, South Reward, Hope Estate, Guana Bay, Sucker Garden and Dutch Quarter. Pointe Blanch was seemingly not affected.


The islands water and electricity service provider GEBE is scheduled to meet with French officials next week to discuss plans to supply the eastern part of French St. Martin with water.


This will allow the French to carry out their plans for a complete renovation of their water network.


However up until eleven (11) pm Tuesday, no information from the company as to the cause of the problem or for how long their clients would have to wait before service is returned to an acceptable level was released.

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    I encounter water problems for weeks, not even a drop. Good thing I am also hooked up to my cistern. So those who were out of water just for a few hours, welcome to the game from GEBE. Complaining doesn't help. They deaf at GEBE. I had a leaking pipe (GEBE hook-up, went to Gebe to complain only years later it was fixed, I think I showed up at their office and early mornings too often to complain when it will get fix. Finally it got fixed about 2 years later. In the meantime I switched over to my cistern for water. But I was charged every month f15,- for not using GEBE. What a thing.

    about 2 years ago
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