Over fifty homes damaged during early morning tornado in Aruba

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Damage in Aruba Damage in Aruba awe24.com

PHILIPSBURG, Aruba - The district of Noord in Aruba was affected by a huge tornado minutes after six on Thursday morning.

Other areas affected include Washington, Koyari and Alto Vista.

Over fifty (50) homes and a wide range of property were damaged during the tornado. It should be noted that the Met Office on Aruba have stated that the weather event was not a tornado.

One young boy experienced shock after witnessing the event that removed the roof at the school where he was located. Although there have been injuries no fatalities were reported.

Among the structures that were damaged is that of the Santa Anna Catholic church.

Aldrich Croes of Hits 100 FM in Aruba can now be heard via Podcast.

Last modified on Friday, 26 August 2011 20:22
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